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    Founder Gevorg Vardanyan was born and raised in the city of Vanadzor in the Lori Province. Growing up as a kid in what is known as the greenest part of Armenia he was always outside exploring mother nature’s natural playground. As he got older his connection to the outdoors and exploring was something that he grew extremely passionate about. At a young age Gevorg knew that he wanted to study tourism because he was fascinated in getting lost and found; exploring to find new places. Gevorg wanted to explore, and learn more about the world, but he also knew that he wanted people of the world to travel to Armenia in the Lori province in particular so they could explore for themselves what he experienced as a child.     In 2007 he moved to Yerevan to attend Yerevan Armenian Institute of Tourism – the Branch of Russian International Academy of Tourism where he studied. Gevorg moved back to Vanadzor, and in 2012, and set off on his entrepreneurial venture. He started an incoming and outgoing tour company called Lori Travel (insert website) where he offered hiking tours in Lori, while also offering tours in Georgia, Russia, Armenia, and Artsakh (Ngorono-Kharabagh). The first 3 years were successful, but then the demand died down. Gevorg knew that they needed to start another company to draw tourists to Lori. He brainstormed and realized that they needed activities to offer to the travelers that was new to Armenia, hence Visit Lori was founded in 2016 and entered the market in 2018.     Visit Lori is the sister company of Lori Travel that works hand in hand to offer extreme sports activities in Armenia, White Water Rafting, Cycling, Camping, Hiking and Off-Roading. Gevorg continues to follow his passion to increase & build tourism in the Lori region and hopes to turn it to a unique eco-tourism destination!

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